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Star Adventurer: pulse dithering no guide

2 weeks 19 hours ago 2 weeks 8 hours ago by renzo_rr.
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Star Adventurer: pulse dithering no guide #57371

I have a Star Adventurer that I use for DSLR imaging and I would like to be able to dither automatically while a shooting sequence is running (with appropriate interval time between two shots).
I know that the Star Adventurer only has a motor in the RA axis, however I would like to automate dithering on this axis.

I have a doubt: what cables should I use? The mount has an ST4 port that uses for guiding, and I need to connect this to the PC directly (not through a guiding camera), hence I think I need an ST4 to usb3 cable. Has anyone seen or used anything like this? I have found some products online but they are all unavailable at the moment.
Is this the right type of cable I need to use? Any other suggestion from Star Adventurer users?

Thanks for your help.

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