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Yet another noob question - GPS in mount - connect with Ekos?

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Hi folks.
I have an Ioptron CEM25P mount and it has GPS built in to it. Ekos connects to the mount just fine and it syncs to the coordinates and motion control appears to work just fine. I'm really happy with all that actually.
But Ekos doesn't seem to automatically pick up the GPS from the mount. I ended up getting a GPS dongle because I can use that in a different project anyway. The dongle works fine and is automatic since I picked the GPSD driver in the configuration. But it would be a more tidy setup if Ekos could connect to the mount's GPS instead. Seems silly to have a redundant GPS module if I don't have to.
Is there anything special I need to do to enable the mount's GPS rather than the dongle?

Sorry if this is a dumb question. The answer is probably something stupid simple, but I'm just that kind of idiot not be able to figure it out. Thanks for any help.
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Hi, I have the CEM25P, In Kstars -> settings -> configure Kstars -> INDIE I have "mount updates Kstars" selected and the time and location boxes ticked. That seems to do the trick for me. Sometimes I need to wait for the mount gps to get a lock before the data appears. In the CEM25P handset , gps shows as "on" when powering up, it should show as "ok" after a lock. Hope this is helpful.

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