INDI Library v1.9.0 Released (23 Apr 2021)

Major INDI Library release v1.9.0 bring significant internal changes championed by @pawel-soja to modernize core INDI Library drivers and clients. New drivers for DeepSkyDad Flat Panel & Pegasus devices plus further improvements to PCM8 drivers.

Guide: StellarMate OS on Raspberry Pi4 step by step with tips and tricks

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Update on my end. 

I actually swapped my old RPI case to this one
Argon ONE M.2 Case for Raspberry Pi 4 • RaspberryPi.dk

Together with an M.2 drive it can now run without an SD card.

Performance boost is insane :) 

Also, I swapped from a passive 4 port USB 3.0 hub to the 8 port active one [exactly same model as has been described in the previous posts] 

That said, adding a 30000 mA battery and running with Pegasus Pocket Power Box made it really slick with only 2 cables that are not mounted on the OTA :) 
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I now use a 12-to-5V DC converter (and a USB-C charging cable) to power the RPi 4 from a Pegasus Powerbox (which is attached to the telescope dovetail). No need for a dedicated RPi power supply.
Very convenient, I only have a quite thin 12V power cable made of silicon connected to the gear. Not much that mechanically disturbs the guiding.
Here's a link to the DC converter

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Thank for this RPI4B guide with StellarMate. I appreciated the pictures. As I reviewed aliljenb’s picture, I tried this with my setup. I abandoned this design because of moments of inertia, radius of gyration, and center of gravity issues. I had a counterweight on the Vixen rail and still could not keep the motors from overworking.

I just picked up an 8G RPI4B. I like the idea of SSD use. I also like the idea of the OTA becoming the carrier. Not getting tangled up is the goal. I distribute my USB load between 2 4 port powered USB.

My first question is “How easy is this setup to achieve CG in X-Y-Z? 

My my second question is “What is the total weight of this package with all of its components?”

Thank you.
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Thank you for this guide. I will be reviewing its recommendations. Last night was beautiful, cool and dark. I just went from a 4G to 8G RPI4B with the new StellarMate installed on 120G SSD. StellarMate is very inviting from the WEB. Setting up my rig looked easy. I kept it very simple. I didn’t push my configuration to take in more items. One OTA, GPSD, joystick, and QHYCCD. 

I had several problems of my own making. I didn’t setup fully by this guide. Thank you again for this guide.

1. location.

I am at the latest update and current revision. GPSD works wonderfully. StellarMate asks if I want to use it for time keeping. Cool. I will use this guide in establishing location. 

2. Disconnects.

In the past, (AstroHub, AstroBerry, and StellarMate), I always went to the OS under VNC to set the OS location, time, and the TTYACM dance with my gear. Udevadm is my friend. Under the Web interface, creating a config was not possible. Creating a saved profile was not possible.

When I went to the OS, all that work was not remembered. No profiles were created. KSTARS web was running. KSTARS and INDI OS knew nothing about the web except it was running. No web profiles were created despite clicking saved. OS KSTARS complained about “ no telescope config found”. In KSTARS OS, Devices is the singular place with establishing configuration. It’s state had 0 configs. No problem, I can use this guide to establish saved profiles. I will look at INDI logs to see if this is a permissions issue. 

3. Bare bones screen and updates

Under Indiweb, SM said, updates were needed to be installed. I click on “yes”. The download was said to be successful. Silence. ATAPI and another app were options to install. They downloaded and installed as submitted. Cool. Under VNC, I used APT-GET to update. 

StellarMate application works well from iOS. I have an antenna and the rest of my gear to setup. Thank you again for this guide. 
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