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Guide camera ROI/annulus/mask

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A few use scenarios when I wanted some sort of mask, ROI, annulus for the guide camera:
  • I stick an ASI432MM into a ZWO mini guide scope. The sensor covers much more than the lens can project well. Stars beyond ~30% annulus (like in Focus module) are elongated. I don't immediately see any bad effects on guiding though.
  • With Edge HD 8", reducer and OAG the guiding frame is on the edge of the scope's image circle. There are some very elliptical stars again and more artifacts in certain part of the image that occasionally detected as stars. Unlike the first case, the good part is not a circle in the center of the frame but some complex shape.
  • With an OAG and short guide exposures the few stars that are in the frame have to compete with camera's amp glow noise. I spent some time configuring a profile for guiding creatively, with some success. It would be easier if I could simply exclude areas of the frame where the amp glow is strongest. For my camera, a simple ROI option would cover this.
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