As a Mac user I’ve had a hard time with drivers. 
The latest issue is that I can’t connect my Baader Steeldrive II to Ekos.
It seems that I‘m the only person using INDI on Mac with Baader, so I don’t think that problem will be solved soonish.

Now I‘m thinking about going the easy way buying a laptop and use ASCOM. 
Or buy a Raspberry 4 and Stellarmate still using my MacBook Pro to connect and control my hardware. 

Currently I have connected my 10Micron 1000 to ethernet and my focuser and ASI to USB.
My MacBook is connected to my WiFi. 

Question: If I connect camera and focuser to the Raspberry with Stellarmate and the Raspberry to Ethernet and use my Mac to control everything. Will my (Mac only) problems solved?

All the best,