If you follow the link you’ll see that TheSky is using the same USB driver as Ekos. 

The Baader driver is maintained by Jason.
However, I don’t think that he could help because it is a Mac issue.

I could easily get the USB driver for my device and maybe it’s working.
But I don’t want to install unnecessary external drivers that have to be maintained and probably brake compatibility with one of the next MacOS iterations. 



Well, I have similar issues with my Baader Steeldrive II and Ekos. 
However, it’s working out of the box with TheSkyX.

So the big unanswered question is why I need extra drivers for Ekos but not for TheSky?


Did you get your focuser connected with 3.5.5?


As a Mac user I’ve had a hard time with drivers. 
The latest issue is that I can’t connect my Baader Steeldrive II to Ekos.
It seems that I‘m the only person using INDI on Mac with Baader, so I don’t think that problem will be solved soonish.

Now I‘m thinking about going the easy way buying a laptop and use ASCOM. 
Or buy a Raspberry 4 and Stellarmate still using my MacBook Pro to connect and control my hardware. 

Currently I have connected my 10Micron 1000 to ethernet and my focuser and ASI to USB.
My MacBook is connected to my WiFi. 

Question: If I connect camera and focuser to the Raspberry with Stellarmate and the Raspberry to Ethernet and use my Mac to control everything. Will my (Mac only) problems solved?

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I would agree, however I‘m running into the same problems with my Baader Steeldrive II.
In EKOS the focuser get’s a timeout, in TheSky X all is working fine on the same machine with the same serial driver.


I have the same problem with a different focuser on Mac.
It will connect with TheSky with the same driver but not with Ekos.

Probably there’s something wrong with the Mac port of Ekos?


The SteelDrive 1 driver you suggested to try gave me:
2021-11-09T13:10:38: [INFO] Error retrieving data from SteelDrive, please ensure SteelDrive controller is powered and the port is correct.
2021-11-09T13:10:38: [ERROR] getHWVersion error: Timeout error.

What's really makes my head scratch: It works out of the box with TheSky.
What am I doing wrong?


Today I got through all possible baud rates in Ekos. Error remains.
After that I started TheSky X and the focuser connected within 1 second or so.

Here is the log while going step by step through speeds:

INFO 2210.084188 sec : Session log file /Users/oliverforster/.indi/logs/2021-10-26/indi_steeldrive2_focus/indi_steeldrive2_focus_11:28:12.log
ERROR 2281.788801 sec : Serial read error: Timeout error.
ERROR 2305.437501 sec : Serial read error: Timeout error.
ERROR 2318.258756 sec : Serial read error: Timeout error.
ERROR 2334.572043 sec : Serial read error: Timeout error.
ERROR 2349.191013 sec : Serial read error: Timeout error.
ERROR 2362.852254 sec : Serial read error: Timeout error.
ERROR 2379.920532 sec : Serial read error: Timeout error.


In TheSky it just says „as fast as possible“.
I also tried with 9600 as suggested here: www.indilib.org/focusers/baader-steeldrive.html

But I haven’t tried with higher rates to be honest.


Very strange, I can’t get the Steeldrive II focuser connect with Ekos.
It will always time out. However it’s working without any issues with TheSky X.

I‘m a MacBook Pro (2016) user with KStars 3.5.5 and Big Sur 11.6. 

Any idea what’s going wrong?


TheSky X:



Oliver replied to the topic 'KStars 3.5.3 Mac Beta --- Please test' in the forum. 1 year ago

Preferences -> Satellites -> Update TLEs
The progress windows are hidden behind the preferences window.