Petar Milevski replied to the topic 'Zwo vs QHY' in the forum. 2 years ago

Hi all, my experience has been this. A few years ago i purchased a QHY163C. Initially everything was fine with using it with indi, but then QHY did a driver update and i was never able to get the thing to work. Even the cooling oscillated.

I rebuilt my computer(s) RPi4, tinkerboard, even my laptop, nothing helped.

After talking to QHY, their first response was does it work with Windows 10. I dont use windows so was never able to test it. It basically got to the point where i had to sell the camera because i just could not acquire or download photos.

I eventually bought a ZWO ASI 071 and have never had an issue with it using the same computer(s).

ZWO are on top of their game when it comes to drivers, but i suppose they have an interest in making sure things work under linux because they sell the ASI-AIR. QHY on the other hand, do not really seem to care about those who use anything linux.

Just my experience.