Thank you for clarifying the version-issue. Yes, I remember reading in another thread that something had gone wrong with the numbering. So I should assume I have the proper 3.5.6 installed then. Agreed, it seems then an issue with QHY in general, further proven with the same issue on the Ubuntu computer on (the real) 3.5.7beta. That's the nightly build I had to install to test a new mount driver.
@Jasem, would you have an idea what could cause this QHY issue under the latest version(s)?
On Ubuntu I could solve the issue with the following commands (had made a note on this based on a tip from someone else some time ago):
`sudo apt-get remove indi-full indi-qhy libqhy`
`sudo apt-get install indi-full indi-qhy libqhy`
I guess this installs back the QHY libraries from the nightly build to the currently released version of KStars?
@Jasem, does this give a clue on what could go wrong in 3.5.7 beta?
@Rob, are there similar commands on the Mac I could try to fix this? Or should I just altogether delete this version of KStars and do a fresh install of 3.5.5 instead? Is there a link still somewhere to 3.5.5?
The strange thing is that on a Mac running Monterey where both 3.5.5 and 3.5.7beta are installed, the camera can be connected well.