Doug, thanks for chiming in. This is the type of feedback that will aid in making this stuff a reality.

Regarding your comments on Point 2, there is already a mechanism in place to average seeing by taking multiple shots. Wouldn't this go a long way in making these readings more accurate? I think for most users, as you say, would benefit from some form of automatic characterization. Unless those users are familiar with their focus system and it's characteristics and what will work best for any given focus algorithm, there is no way for any beginner to read the existing tool tips and understand the correct parameters to plug into the software interface.

On point 3, I love that you've done this. I know you send me a message offering access to the code, but I don't have the technical fortitude to apply it. Would be happy to test it out though if it gets merged into the system. But at least in the beginning, I think all you would need in the interface is a simple field on the capture/sequence tab below the existing refocus parameters to input a #steps to move / degC. Of course, this leaves it up to the user to manually plot out and note focus positions during temperature drops to characterize their system, but it's a start. Longer term with the analytics tab, temperature and focus position could be plotted over a nights run (even multiple nights) and that step change/degC could be automatically populated into the field for a user.