"Leave usbfs_memory_mb up to system to decide instead of tampering with it"
That was the comment of the commit, Jasem did about usbfs_memory_mb.

That means, the system has to manage the size of usbfs_memory_mb itself. The problem is, Linux Kernel set the default usbfs_memory_mb to 16MB, which is too low for the bigger astro-cameras.

Before this commit, usbfs_memory_mb was set to 256MB using an udev-rule. Comparing, firecapture stable sets the memory to 200MB using an udev-rule as well.

Now the udev-rule is no longer used in indi, what means: default 16MB. Comparing, I didn´t find an udev-rule on firecapture 2.7beta, which means: usbfs_memory_mb default 16MB?

I managed this problem with setting usbfs_memory_mb to 1000MB globally, passing it as a kernel parameter on booting with grub2. Since I´m on openSUSE, I´m using Yast for this:

Yast / Bootloader / Kernel-Parameters: Add "usbcore.usbfs_memory_mb=1000" at the end of the string.

Just for info: The maximum possible usbfs_memory_mb is 2047MB. usbcore.usbfs_memory_mb=0 sets this maximum.