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I'm able to get to work the Orion SSAG under Windows 10 with PHD2 succesfully. But when I'm trying Ekos, under Windows 10, to connect to the SSAG, it won't connect. There's this message: 2019-06-02T15:34:54 ASCOM ASCOM_SSAG Camera is disconnected.

Cables are not the issue since PHD2 works fine with the camera. I know a workaround to this would be to work with PHD2, but I want to guide from Ekos. INDI server control panel is running well also and is using the ASCOM driver downloaded from Orion's website. By the way, I also tried with the QHY5 driver for windows without success.

From linux, it works flawlessly.

Your help is much appreciated.

Please find the log attached.



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