Vikram replied to the topic 'polar alignment' in the forum. 4 years ago

Hi Knro,

unfortunately I hadn't enabled the logs, I will try to do it tonight ( if weather permits) and send it over.

Here is what I had done leading up to the problem:

I manually made sure my mount is polar aligned and then after starting INDI/KSTARS, I unpack the telescope and then try to track it - but I got multiple problems in fact:

1. when I try to select a star and then slew, the crosshair doesn't stay there it keeps coming back to original position no matter what I do and I am unable to slew.

2. in the meantime, the INDI connection to mount keeps crashing often and I will have to reset

3. I decided to polar align since I was not able to slew anywhere and then encountered the problem of mount going all the way to below the horizon to a point where the mount cannot move any more and it stalls.

I know you will definitely need logs to figure this out, I will try to get that out when the next opportunity presents itself. in the meantime if you could provide me some tips, I can try it out at my next outing.

Thanks and appreciate your time.