I'm running the solver and it hangs on "capturing..."(KStars, Ekos, Indi CP, FITS Viewer) for about 2 minutes, then frees up for 20 seconds, and it all goes away. Pop. No more KStars and friends. Occasionally, it hangs and never comes out. Ubuntu tells me KStars has stopped responding and asks me if I want to terminate it. I say yes, and it goes away as it should. I just upgraded to KStars 3.6.6 Build: 2023-08-18T09:00:46Z Stable release. Same equipment as always, same computer, different KStars. The RPi running Stellarmate out at the scope continues to run. I can run the guider and I don't have problems with the capture, and I can focus and not have problems, I can even capture from the sequnce and it doesn't do it. The log files end with:

2023-08-24T20:36:10.421 MST INFO ][           org.kde.kstars.indi] - Losmandy Gemini :  "[INFO] Slew is complete. Tracking... "
[2023-08-24T20:36:11.127 MST DEBG ][     org.kde.kstars.ekos.mount] - Mount status changed from  "Slewing"  to  "Tracking"
[2023-08-24T20:36:11.128 MST DEBG ][     org.kde.kstars.ekos.mount] - Slew finished, MFStatus  "MOUNT_FLIP_NONE"
[2023-08-24T20:36:14.097 MST DEBG ][     org.kde.kstars.ekos.align] - Align state changed to "In Progress"
[2023-08-24T20:36:14.097 MST INFO ][     org.kde.kstars.ekos.align] - "Capturing image..."
[2023-08-24T20:36:14.190 MST INFO ][           org.kde.kstars.indi] - SBIG CCD :  "[INFO] Taking 5.00s exposure on main camera... "
[2023-08-24T20:36:22.879 MST INFO ][     org.kde.kstars.ekos.align] - "Image received."
[2023-08-24T20:37:23.636 MST WARN ][                       default] - QSocketNotifier: Invalid socket 8 and type 'Read', disabling...
[2023-08-24T20:37:23.636 MST WARN ][                       default] - QSocketNotifier: Invalid socket 10 and type 'Read', disabling...
[2023-08-24T20:37:23.636 MST WARN ][                       default] - QSocketNotifier: Invalid socket 30 and type 'Read', disabling...

I've attached some log files.

Thank you,