Richard Horn replied to the topic 'Python 3 Mac OSX' in the forum. 4 years ago

PK wrote: I upgraded Kstars and now I get this error on my Macbook (OSX 10.13.6) :

<strong><em> uses python3 and the astropy package for plate solving images offline. These were not detected on your system. Please go into the Align Options and either click the setup button to install them or uncheck the default button and enter the path to python3 on your system and manually install astropy.</em></strong>

Has this been addressed yet?


I had a similar issue in the midst of my initial setup on the StellarMate. what I did to fix it was: In the solver/alignment tab within a running Ekos window, Click on Options. That opens the Astrometry window. On the first tab is a "SETUP" button next to the python check box. Click on setup. It will either walk through the installs or tell you they are already installed. I think I had to run it a couple times before my errors went away.

Hope this helps. I am a major newbie.