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knro wrote: I just pushed an update to the GPhoto driver that _could_ help in the issue with NEF+RAW. When you see the 36x24 (or whatever wrong dimensions), click "Reset" Button.

The keyring issues were resolved on StellarMate v1.4.2 LTS that was released on July 4th.

After beta update on the StellarMate, no differences when running via VSC. Keyring issue still there as well when starting KStars, and the password the system is looking for is NOT smate.

Running from the laptop also appears the same. I did a capture test and the fits images are captured ands saved locally to the astro folder as setup. However during the capture the Ekos states says capture failed Check Indi…. Doing so shows exposure failed to save … unspecified error.

I changed the settings in INDI to RAM instead of SD Card and re-ran the sequence. The results were the same. FITS captured and save, warnings of failed capture and warnings the images not saved.

I suddenly noticed that the image size had changed… The test sequence I ran before the beta were the proper image size. I also notice that the bit depth will only read 8 bits, and won’t allow me to set it to 14 or 16 (in case the system needs to work in 16 for 14 to work). I attempted to correct the image and sensor size settings but the system will not accept the changes. Restarting INDI and Ekos allowed me to correct the sensor and image settings. I then hit RESET in the capture window and the settings updated to the correct size. The instant that I started the new sequence the image size reverted to the smaller numbers. When checked, the FOV in the solver window is also at a smaller area than with the correct sensor size.

I started an INDI only log before this last run and then a CCD log and am attaching it, along with a screenshot.

SO: Bottom line, the updated Nikon driver has not improved and may have a new issue. Sorry…

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