Richard Horn created a new topic ' Serial Port tool... I broke it!' in the forum. 3 years ago

I started over. Downloaded a new image of StellarMate and began to rebuild my settings on a bleeding version. All is well, and I hook up the hardware and the serial port assign tool shows up. Been there done that no worries! So I go through the procedure and assign the mount to a port, using the opting that assigns a position. Worked on the last version lol! Oh wait, it seems to be assigning my focuser to that port?? Oh CRAP! I didn't have a focuser last week! It must be a serial port type device?

No worries, I'll just rerun the tool.

Short story long... I have two devices mapped to the same hardware port.

How can I erase the mapping of both devices so that I can start over and either map them correctly, or not force a specific location? Ekos/Indi will not load either device as it sees either as a conflict, and for the life of me I cannot find a way to delete the mapping created.