This is awesome. Trying to track down the default names for drivers can seem strange. When I start indiserver with just a driver name like "indiserver indi_celestron_gps", the connection I need to use is "Celestron GPS"@remote_ip, but when I start it locally with Ekos, the name of the telescope is something like "Celestron CGX". I know it's in the drivers.xml, but this will make things a lot easier.

BTW, the client/server architecture of this is so nice. I connected a Raspberry PI Zero to the hand controller of my CGX that auto-starts indiserver (no web manager, it just starts the server/driver as a systemd service). Then my RPI4 that runs KStars doesn't need that USB cord hanging down to connect to the hand controller, I can just connect over wireless. That means the only cable I need that can possibly get in the way of the mount is a single power cord.

And since the RPI0 is only $10 for the wifi version, it's probably the cheapest piece of gear in my kit. Much cheaper than buying a Celestron SkyPortal or a SkyFi.