Cliff replied to the topic 'Sesto Senso 2 connect issue' in the forum. 3 years ago

Cliff wrote: I just found this information thanks for sharing , I am also having issues getting my Sesto Senso 2 working with either my Stellarmate or my Mac my mac is on the latest 10.15.5 though

The driver installed successfully but the focuser is still not connecting in kstars.

I have most of it working except the RPI3 with Stellarmate , I tried the following which someone posted here earlier,

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libindi1 indi-bin
ls -latr /usr/bin/indi_sestosenso2_focus
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 42504 Mar 7 16:00 /usr/bin/indi_sestosenso2_focus

Shows it is there but doesn't connect

I tried my Ascom IntelNUC worked first go so the Seno 2 was ok.

Tried my RPI4 Stellarmate and it already had the Senso 2 driver I thought the 3 and 4 had the same version ?

Could connect using ccdciel but not Kstars on my Mac, until I renamed the device from Sesto Senso to Sesto Senso 2 in the EKOS profile editor.

Now it works with Kstars . Now if Kstars only didn't crash while capturing images, I use Ccdciel instead for capture.

Now to figure out the RPI3 issue.

Hope this is of some help