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Thanks for your reply. It looks as though your second post explains the issue.
Just for info - bulb on the camera via the shutter button works as you'd expect and I tried in Ekos both with and with 'Force Bulb' mode selected.

I think with the Fuji remote app you can control bulb exposures, so it may be a libgphoto limitation.


Andy McGregor created a new topic ' Problem Controlling Exposure on Fuji X-T3' in the forum. 8 months ago

Has anyone else managed to control a Fuji X-T3 via the gphoto_ccd driver?

If try to run long exposures the Ekos counts down correctly, but the image I get back from the Fuji always seems to be at the same exposure. This seems to be the same no matter if the Fuji is on Bulb and/or Force Bulb is selected in the gphoto_ccd driver options in Indi.
I've attached a log where I ran 1.5 and 5s expsoures for each combination. All the exposures look to be the same . A file gets transfered to Stellarmate each time, but there's no images recorded on the SD card in the Fuji.

Less improtantly for astro, if I run short exposures, then it looks as though they get wrongly sent to the Fuji. i.e. a 1 second exposure in Ekos shows on the back panel of the Fuji as a 1/100s exposure. 0.5s exposure is 1/200s etc.


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