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I am using an Rpi4 and a CGEM along with a GPS. While testing in the daytime I’m using CCD simulators.
I start the mount and make a 2 star alignment. I Start KStars and then Ekos. The GPS returns a good time and location and the time in KStars is correct. Indi verifies that the mount is aligned and time correct. When I switch back to KStars on the Rpi4 the mount position is not always there. When using the windows 10 app KStars always shows the CGEMs position.
At night after plate solving KStars on the Pi seems to return the mounts position correctly.
Is this correct behavior, or perhaps I’ve not set something I should have? My question is when using KStars on the Pi, if Ekos reports the mount is aligned should the mount position be updated in KStars?

KStars version 2.0.3
Windows version 3.3.6

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