rickbassham wrote: When you use it, be sure to click the "Align" button in the INDI Control Panel once you are connected. That will send the mount to the "switch" position and get all the calculations ready for gotos.


That should be easy to remember as the HC requests go to 'switch' as its first command on power up. I will make a sticky note and place it on my laptop now :)

My normal setup procedure (I travel to dark sites, no observatory) is power on the HC/Mount then set the 'switch', power down. After that Polar Align using the PoleMaster. Then I power the mount back up, set 'switch' on the HC, followed by the alignment using the HC. Without the HC I should place the 'Align' button on the INDI Control Panel before and after polar alignment routine? Or will this create issues with the connection via software?