Laurent created a new topic ' Indi driver crash when focusing' in the forum. 2 years ago

Sorry I have searched on the web and in this forum too but I can't find advises about what occur last nignt.

I tried for the first time to connect my Canon 5D II DSLR to stellarmate, but when I try to autofocus with ZWO focuser, Ekos crashes and shutted down.
indeed some pictures were taken as I heard the mirror unlock...but no picture was displayed on ekos screen. and the message "not star found" was displayed.

I believe the DSLR was well connected as I was abble to liveview through capture module, but focus manually with a electronic focuser is not useful and not reliable.

I was wondering if a specific routine is mandatory with DSLR in focuser module, how could I select a star, in live view, in a picture?

I have tried the focuser with guiding camera and everything was fine.

I was connected to stellarmate through Stellarmate hotspot Wifi.

Thanks for your help, I spent half night to resolve this and I have to reboot 3 times ekos and drivers :silly: