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I am on MacOS 10.13.6. I have downloaded the indilib source via github 2 days ago. Using cmake and make, I encountered one error and had to change the file "deepskydad_fr1.cpp" (drivers/rotator). Here, a typecast was needed in line 280: the function "abs" is used here and the compiler reports "ambiguity" problem. Solved by inserting a typecast to "long". However, running the client example gave errors: I started the indiserver with tutorial three CCD simulator and then ran the tutorial_client. It gave me the following output (from the client):

INDI::BaseClient::connectServer: Already connected.Press any key to terminate the client.
And output from the server:

2021-12-20T11:55:54: Client 0: XML error: Line 1: Bogus leading attr name char: 12021-12-20T11:55:54: Client 0: XML read: <getProperties version='1.7'CCD Simulator device=''>I guess that I must be doing something wrong and hope that someone in this forum can help :)


I really enjoy using the combination of Kstars/Ekos running on my Macbook and indiserver running on a RPi wirelessly connected to my network for several months now. Sometimes, it crashes out of the blue, but apart from that, almost everything just works :)
However, I have never found out how to adjust the Goto speed of the mount ( EQ-5 with AstroEQ controller ). I can adjust the slew rate in the INDI control panel / EQMOD driver - and I can setup a "custom speed" and it works fine with the manual motion control interface, but the Goto speed (using Kstars Goto) is fixed to a low rate - probably around 64x (my best guess ). What am I missing here? Is there another place to setup this Goto speed - apart from adjusting the slew rate in the motion tab for the EQMOD driver in the INDI control panel?