I am having a persistent problem with running my QHY5III178 alongside ZWO devices (ASI2600MC is worst, problem occurs also in connection with ASI290MC and ASI Filterwheel).
Once I have my QHY camera running alongside any Zwo device it is only a question of time, until ekos crashes. Even if I only activate my Zwo camera in Firecapture, and have no active instance of Zwo in indi, ekos will crash. Log file is attached, but as far as I can tell, the log just stopped at the point of the crash.
I always had one little problem with my QHY: the video stream would not work. The window would open, even show a fps number, but would just remain black. I did not make much of it, as I mainly use my QHY for guiding, and the looping function and the single exposure function always worked as they are supposed to. As long as I operated the QHY with my Canon EOS the system appeared to be stable. When I tried to connect a Zwo filterwheel I would have crashes quite often at the start, but if I used the filterwheel only in oacapture, it would run ok. Now I have a Zwo ASI 2600MC and I just canĀ“t get this camera to work reliably in parallel to the QHY. Running the 2600 alongside a Zwo 290MC is no problem at all.
My system is based on an astroberry running on Pi4. astroberry is most recent version.
Does anybody else have similar problems ? Any hints to get the system stable ?
Many thanks