Tibor Kiss replied to the topic 'Power Shield for Astroberry' in the forum. 2 years ago

gilesco wrote: I would worry if it tries to emulate the PPB Advance to a tee.

I do not really understand what you mean when you say "worry". This board is a HAT or Shield for Raspberry, without it, it is not able to operate. PPB is let say a stand-alone product.

The moonlite focuser interface, for example, is something that I was hopeful to not have - no use for me, can be done via the Pi.

Regarding the focuser, the target (basically the recommendation was) is to have a stepper output, means the currently existing Astroberry focuser Indi driver would be possible to use with this board.
So I am working on integrating a DRV8834 driver on board.

I guess the price point would be the key

I am also working on to get a price for machine populated boards.

tied with an Argon One M.2 case... or can take on the PPB Advance, with Pi4 integrated, with a type of Argon One M.2 thepihut.com/products/argon-one-m-2-raspberry-pi-4-case

The current mechanical design is based on to use standard aluminum extruded housings, this Argon One type would require a complete redesign, and the pre-cuted connectors (HDMI, USB-C ...) are useless for that design.