Paul Imm created a new topic ' Image capture is failing' in the forum. 8 months ago

This evening I attempted to do some image capturing and the capture is failing no matter what I've tried.

Perhaps the initial issue was that I didn't have my auto ethernet connection hooked to power.

I thought that this would take care of the issue but it still failed.

Every part of my setup is the same as what I've successfully used.  I am getting no connection warnings with my setup.  The INDI Control Panel shows no issues.

Just in case it might break something free I checked to see if there were more updates available; seeing that there was 1 I installed the available update.

Besides actually getting a warning message I am still getting a fail at the download.


My USB flash drive is installed in the same USB port.  I can read the drive itself.  The path points to the media drive.

I'm at wits end, any ideas?