I have a travel router that is connected to my Pi unit that drives the Ekos software. Minus holding the true time this combination works when I use the IP from my travel router and connect to this on my MacBook via Real VNC. Unfortunately I can't say the same with holding a connection to Ekos when trying to use the Stellarmate App on my iPad.

On the Settings page I have no trouble discovering the IP that is on my GL.iNet travel router. This brings up my telescope and guidescope on the same page. As far as holding a connection to Ekos however I can see the Ekos tab blink on and off every other second. If I click on Ekos when it is blinked on right away a message pops up saying that it is Syncing.

Since this same combination works with a stable Real VNC connection on my MacBook I am suspecting the Internet settings. At the telescope my Pi unit that drives the Ekos software is connected to a Ethernet cable. The other end of the Ethernet cable is connected to my GLiNet travel router. On my iPad I am connected to the IP that is driven from the travel router. In the Stellarmate app there are several internet related combinations of settings such as hotspot, ethernet and WiFi. Since the signal from the travel router is carried through the air I have chosen WiFi for my choice of internet connection. Is this correct?

In a somewhat unrelated thread Jasem suggested that I remove the Stellarmate connection that I had from the settings page. I did this and scanned for a replacement. The behavior with this repopulated connection is the same with sync issues.

Is there something that I am missing on my end?


Jasem, I just tried putting the profile I had into the trash can. I am getting the same behavior as before. The connection to Ekos intermittantly flashes on and off. When I am in Ekos there is an intermittant Syncing message about every other second.

This same network over the travel router did give me an entire night of imaging over my MacBook Pro using Real VNC.

Is there an area online that I could go to that shows suggested settings for using a travel router with the Stellarmate App?

I do believe that I am at least in a state where using the iPad to connect to the Pi with Ekos gives me a good time sync with Ekos and travel router over Real VNC. That however is a lengthy process to do this every night that I am imaging.

It might be advantageous if I start another thread more specific to the Stellarmate App if there isn't a simple solution to the bad connection issue.


I have a power outage so it is an excellent time to try things out.

I still don’t have the RTC from on order.

I did however try connecting to the StellarMate app this evening. The good thing was that I think it synced up the time. The bad thing is that every few seconds it drops the connection and says that it has a sync error.

The IP that I am connected to on the StellarMate app matches the travel router.

I believe that the travel router is set up on station mode. I have a small Ethernet cable going from the Pi unit and the travel router.

What should the network settings read on the StellarMate app?

Presently I am connected to my MacBook with no issues that I see other than the fact that my battery will run out sometime tonight.

I would like to get the StellarMate App going for times that I will be imaging remotely.


Alan, per your suggestion I have placed an order for this RTC chip.

I do get a little lost with linux but will give the script on the linked website a try. I am thinking that I could install this using the Pi device plugged into a monitor using keyboard and mouse.

If I get stuck I may have a question or two, but knock on wood this will help me past the issues I've been having.

Thank you,



I have a need for a remote connection so I have tried out a travel router. I am connected to it's network with my MacBook Pro.

Every time I connect to Ekos the time is off. I can readjust the time in KStars but it apparently also is creating chaos with my mount. At least one evening the mount did not park at it's allotted time and the mount hit my tripod. Now when I attempt a GoTo move the mount thinks that it needs to do a Meridian flip. The last time imaging I had to disable the Meridian Flip as GoTo was hung up with the Meridian Flip confusion.

Is there a good way of making the Raspberry Pi understand what the time actually is?

I read somewhere where Jasem suggested that the Stellarmate Controller included RTC. What is the Stellarmate Controller? How would this be enabled?

Would this problem be alleviated by using the Stellarmate App?

Would it work (still using the travel router) to have the software driven on my MacBook instead of being driven by the Pi unit?

Any other ideas?


Paul Imm created a new topic ' Mount will not park in Ekos' in the forum. 8 months ago

Tonight I tried parking my mount after a successful Polar Alignment and it just gets hung up.

I am not using my normal setup.  I believe the settings are good but there is a chance there is something wrong.

I tried clearing the mount in Ekos.

I also could not goto the target I selected.

My mount is the EQ6R Pro.

I am using the latest Stellarmate software version.


Paul Imm replied to the topic 'ZWO EAF crashes at image capture' in the forum. 8 months ago

After toying with this for quite a lot I found a free micro SD card which I updated to the latest Stellarmate version.

In my initial try, at least it is allowing the focus capture so it appears something must have been fixed.  When I have some more time I will be able to see if everything is working correctly.

I should have updated 1st instead of relying on a setup that worked for me previously.


Paul Imm created a new topic ' ZWO EAF crashes at image capture' in the forum. 8 months ago

I recently purchased the ZWO EAF.  Tonight I tried using this focuser on my Apertura 60 telescope using my Nikon 5500.

Unfortunately every time I try to capture a focus image the focuser crashes.  I am seeing a message of  I ndi driver Indi_Nikon_ccd crashed.  Afterwards the EAF focuser drops.

I am trying to rule out some kind of setting issue.

Previously I did have the Pegasus Focus Cube working with the Nikon and the same telescope.

I will be honest that I don't have a real good handle on the settings that the Pegasus should have.

Any ideas what might be going on with the crash?


Paul Imm replied to the topic 'Image capture is failing' in the forum. 9 months ago

Yes, I am crossing my fingers that there won't be a reoccurrence.

Since this is not a normal behavior within the Stellarmate OS, I am wondering whether I might have done something to remove the write privilege.  If this happens again I'll want to look further into it.  For now it's good to get back to imaging again.


Paul Imm replied to the topic 'Image capture is failing' in the forum. 9 months ago

Yesterday evening I reached out to Stellarmate support and Jasem provided the details for restoring drive write status.

In my case it would be sudo chown -R stellarmate:stellarmate /media/stellarmate/Picture

I tried this out and it actually restored my ability to take images on my flash drive!

Jasem did say that by default the permissions should allow write on the flash drive.  The remaining question in which I might never know is why my drive lost it's write privilege from the Stellarmate OS on the pi device.

Hopefully this will help others in a similar predicament.  I really appreciate the help in being able to identify and solve the issue.


Paul Imm replied to the topic 'Image capture is failing' in the forum. 9 months ago

Alfred, this shows up as a permissions issue with the initial string.


I see the same result when I try the ls -la /media/stellarmate/Picture string.


If this is a permissions issue it does look like there aren't any write privileges for some reason.  Am I seeing this correctly?

How would you get back the write privileges?



Paul Imm replied to the topic 'Image capture is failing' in the forum. 9 months ago

Alfred, I tried your suggested string and the copy didn't work.

Yesterday I erased the data on the disk so I didn't have a Light folder to match with the string.  I was able to add a new folder called Light.

After that I reran the string and it still failed to complete the action.

So I can manually make a folder but the pi doesn't appear able to copy over a file.

Is there a way to turn off and on the Read only?