for all its worth, i had a host of issues when i went to 3.6.1 as well, felt like nothing worked.
* scheduler broke, couldnt load fits, wouldnt start pdh2 calibration or even plate solve.
* autofocus triggers wouldnt work.
* imaging would not resume after meridian flip

i rolled back to 3.6.0 and it all worked perfectly again..cant say if its image train setting issue or not in my case.


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I tried many different things to resolve the above over many nights, i even reverted to a brand new 3.4.3 install..all with the exact same behavour.

At the end i found it seems to be some sort of alignment issue, i noticed if i took many alignment points it works (but then i have alignment issues after meridian flip).

so what i did after homing the mount i moved it by hand just a bit and now the issue is gone...


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I havent had an issue with meridian flips in the past, but after updating to 3.5.4 i've noticed my meridian flips are failing.
running HEQ5pro with raspberry pi and kstar on linux remotely both running 3.5.4

Within a few seconds of initiating the meridian flip i get notifications suggesting meridian flip completed, meridian flip failed and also the align sequence begins, all the the same time.

if left to continue after multiple 4min timeouts it will eventually flip but the alignment will be way out and does not move any closer, eventually alignment will fail.

i have noticed, if i havent performed an align during the session the meridian flip works fine (it never attempts to align)

log attached (hopefully saved correctly), thanks


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Wondering what the correct method is for copying kstars/indi/ekos settings to a new PC or backing up current settings on windows.

i've seen some posts on how to do it on linux but couldnt see it for windows. in my case i am going from 3.5.2 to 3.5.3 also.