I tested last night beta3. With previous version (3.5.6) I had serial problems and KStars was very unstable and indidriver can crash anytime. I have MacBook Pro early 2011, Onstep 4.12 and ASI224MC.

This beta-version seems to be stable and scheduler ran whole night without problems. Only problem was connecting to indiserver. KStars crashed almost every time, when I tried to connect equipment. If I let indiserver running, connecting seems to work but starting indiserver seems crash Kstars.

Then there is something strange with Fitsviewer. I have disabled fitsviewer from settings because I don't want to see every single image using scheduler. In the version 3.5.6 I can still see the image using capture but that not happen with beta-version. I have to enable Fitsviewer to see preview image and the disable it before using scheduler.

Then there may be some issue with focus/polar alignment and with auto stretch. It seems that auto stretch is not enabled with those functions because my stars were dimmer than normally with same settings. But I'm not really sure about that.