I'm guessing you mean the backlash field in Focus (or in Indi on the focuser tab)?

There is a check in focus that the backlash field is activated if the focuser supports backlash and inactive otherwise. I had a quick look at the moonlight driver and it looks like it doesn't support backlash (although I'm not an expert here so could be wrong). I don't know if that is because the focuser doesn't support backlash or a limitation in the driver.

This would be consistent with you seeing that the field is inactive.

Focus should work fine with the 5 * Initial Step Size but will be a few seconds slower due to the "unnecessary" in/out focus movement. The "5" is hardcoded in the program so, at the moment, the only way to change it would be to build you own version of kstars.

Just out of interest what would you want to set it to?