1. how to trigger a driver reload for dynamically created based devices in the indiserver and Ekos?
Alain: I did not find any way to do that in an unattended way nut via button ... not nice
Alex: ok, I will have a look if I find a way. The other solution would be to create all drivers static and disable them, if they are not needed.
2. is it possible to drop the dependency on Lx200generic?
Alain: Needs a complete rewrite from scratch and this is exactly what TeenAstro did.
Alex: First look does not seem to be that big of a deal. LX200Telescope is just 1600 lines of code compared to the onstep driver with around 5000 lines. And as the onstep driver is overwriting some functionality of the LX200Telescope driver this might be even less. But yes the change is still quite substantial. Thats why I am asking if this would be accepted or if a smaller change is preferred.
3. are there problems with concurrency when reading and writing to PortFD unprotected?
Alain: What do you mean by unprotected?
Alex: Never mind, I found the lx200CommsLock mutex.
4. what do you think about the hacky approach and a complete restructuring of the driver?
Alain: same as for 2, rewrite all from scratch
Alex: Ok, I assume the smaller change is preffered.

I will continue working on the "smaller change" solution. Thank you for your help!