Greetings. I have a problem with my QHY CCD camera (QHY 6). I experienced the problem with many versions of Kstars being patient that the problem will be fixed. I guess it's a problem with QHY drivers from QHY itself. I connect my camera. At first everything is fine,I capture,loop and guide without a problem. But if I need to stop capturing/guiding and want to begin again,QHY does not respond to my actions. It gets stacked,doing nothing and sometimes it disconnects by it's own will. Even if I disconnect everything and reconnect them again,disconnect cables and reconnect the again, nothing gets fixed. I have to completely close Kstars and start all over. You can understand how frustrating is this when you are on the field. Do we have a potential solution of this problem? Thank you very much !!

I attach the logs.


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