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Dual Camera Imaging realized

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Hi Jasem and others...I have been trying to kludge a method for doing dual camera operation with a single instance of KSTARS/EKOS and INDI - I have succeed! By making use of the Script Manager in the  camera window and using pre_capture to fire a script I have been able to successful use the indi_setprop call to trigger images on tee second camera that fire at the same time as the main camera captures.  However note there is a small "feature" (read as possible bug) in the placement of the pre_capture scipt call - currently it lives ins a pre-job setup routine that only executes the script once (unlike its brother post_capture that triggers at the end of each frame capture).  So I edited capture.cpp and moved the calls to where they would work on each frame start, commented out the original and removed a call to pre-capture processing in the script verification functions (you will see my changes in the attached) - for my purposes this works wonderfully: things like focus and filter changes,flip and most importantly dither all happen before the call to pre_capture  - I have been testing all day with matching images in 2 cameras (both QHY) and getting no issues.   I set the image name and target directory in the INDI control panel for camera 2....I also use basic camera widow to set cooler on  to desired temp, then load up a set of sequences for the main camera and point to my simple script with pre_capture:

echo "taking a picture"
indi_setprop "QHY CCD QHY294PROC-4e75.CCD_EXPOSURE.CCD_EXPOSURE_VALUE=300"    <<<<<<<you set the camera to what you really have and whatever time you need :-)
echo "command sent" 
exit 0

You set the value to whatever you want in the script but it should be LESS than the exposure of the main camera - for my last tests I have both at 300 seconds and a 2 sec delay in the main EKSO camera window (just in case) - BUT IT WORKS!!!!!
I did not want to push up to git as this is for my personal way of doing things but I think this could be very simple way to handle complex task of dual camera - there is no need for syncing threads as the main camera is performing the task of the intervalometer - fire and forget
I suspect you would want to see teh concept and verify if you need to keep the single-fire in the pre_job area...but maybe not...

Anyway I hope you can check it out and add to a real release that others can use downstream - BTW you can short circuit the original one-time firing of pre_capture by using the script but adding a sequence of 1 image so your JOB has lest say 50 single images - that is klunky but it also works
Enjoy and let me know if you have question - cheers J
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Wow - this sounds like fun. I will try it out (in the 1 image mode first), and soon be on the market for more equipment!
(I see it is in the latest version!)  
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Bringing this back to the front.
Now that we have "imaging train" available, any thought about integrating this much needed feature of simultaneous capture with two or more cameras?

I have now a new system with twin lenses, I would like to see such feature implemented.
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