INDI Library v2.0.1 Released (06 Apr 2023)

Bi-monthly release with major changes to INDI properties and client API in addition to new drivers and improvements. An important feature for this release is the full support for XISF file format which is used by PixInsight. INDI cameras can now natively capture in XISF format.

Capture file name options

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Could we get an option to include the CCD cooler temperature in the file name?

Could we an option to have the date format with no ':' in it? Right now, I still need to use Windows for processing and that character plays havoc on that os. Ideally it would be nice to have full access to the date formatting options like those available when you see 'man date' page for example.

Could we have an option where the directory specified for capture can have options, e.g. the date, and/or target prefix, capture type (light, dark, etc), etc? Bonus if you can manage some way of structured layout like this:

basedir/<lights>/<filter>/<temperature>/<date> OR basedir/<lights>/</filter>/<temperature>/<target prefix>/<date>

Hopefully, you get the idea? It'll help organise files a bit.

Thanks! :)
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