Dear Jnowat,

Just few words as I have no so much free time to going on efficiently in next weeks. Anyway I crossed the chat and would like to explain that due to the object used in coding for the dropdown list of focuser, unfortunately the associate code for the HUB have to be unique. If not, when we read back the value from the hub we are not able to display the correct focuser “connected” to the equipment as one code could be used for different kind of focuser. (But in fact these displayed name could be “wrong”)
To change that some modifications have to take place in the code. May using the driver’s config backup could be a way to do that? Unfortunately, if I do that we should not read the configuration from the hub it-self, and we take some risk to destroy it or the focuser within a completely wrong setting in hub memory. Maybe a matrix table should be available on
Anyway your suggestion around the focuser naming have to be evaluated and think about your proposal. I am just not sure to correct understand what you mean with “alias” in this case.
Next point along the chat, I am not sure to have correctly understood if your issue related to the connection to the driver is solved or not? If you still get error message could you provide the log info for the focuser driver ( ) and give me the version of your hub firmware?
I am sorry but it wouldn’t be possible for me to have good reaction to support you in short time, but I’ll try to do my best.

Last point @Jasem. The “user manual” is obsolete as now we can drive the two focusers with it and the LED level can be set from the drivers. I have to work on new version of the manual but definitively not time for that. Please, could you at least remove from the Issue chapter the lines:

Not all functions are implemented yet.
• Only the Focus 1 is manage by the driver.
• No LED intensity configuration available
• The drivers cannot rename the focuser.

Best regards, Philippe