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Dear Jnowat,

Just few words as I have no so much free time to going on efficiently in next weeks. Anyway I crossed the chat and would like to explain that due to the object used in coding for the dropdown list of focuser, unfortunately the associate code for the HUB have to be unique. If not, when we read back the value from the hub we are not able to display the correct focuser “connected” to the equipment as one code could be used for different kind of focuser. (But in fact these displayed name could be “wrong”)
To change that some modifications have to take place in the code. May using the driver’s config backup could be a way to do that? Unfortunately, if I do that we should not read the configuration from the hub it-self, and we take some risk to destroy it or the focuser within a completely wrong setting in hub memory. Maybe a matrix table should be available on
Anyway your suggestion around the focuser naming have to be evaluated and think about your proposal. I am just not sure to correct understand what you mean with “alias” in this case.
Next point along the chat, I am not sure to have correctly understood if your issue related to the connection to the driver is solved or not? If you still get error message could you provide the log info for the focuser driver ( ) and give me the version of your hub firmware?
I am sorry but it wouldn’t be possible for me to have good reaction to support you in short time, but I’ll try to do my best.

Last point @Jasem. The “user manual” is obsolete as now we can drive the two focusers with it and the LED level can be set from the drivers. I have to work on new version of the manual but definitively not time for that. Please, could you at least remove from the Issue chapter the lines:

Not all functions are implemented yet.
• Only the Focus 1 is manage by the driver.
• No LED intensity configuration available
• The drivers cannot rename the focuser.

Best regards, Philippe


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Dear Schwim.
I've looked at the documentation. Yes, the working way of the Gemini is based on the same kind of syntax as the FocusLynx HUB, but unfortunately, one big difference is a "transaction id" in the string not present in FocusLynx hub. Using a Transaction ID allows multi-threaded client (From page 5 of the "Gemini Command Reference, Revision 2.1")
That means you couldn't use as it is the Focuslynx driver even for focusing only. Now I'm working on some changes on the drivers to add full support for both focus driving and network support (With Optec support as a timeout issue is present on network connection), but I look too difficult(for me :-( ) to integrate the Gemini rotator/focuser on it and I think a new driver has to be written for that, based on the existing one for FocusLynx.
My proposal, if you're not in a hurry, is to let me finish the new version of FocusLynx one and published it (I hope for the end of August. Then we use it as base' driver for your device.
Do you coding and could do it? OR shall we have look to work on it?
@Jasem: The main difference is the transaction ID present in command string and in Gemini's acknowledge.
If not in hurry I could work on it, but as written behind, first I should publish a new FocusLynx version, then I could work on Gemini one. That means nothing for first testing before the first week on October, depending on my work and family load.
One question Ekos related. For Ekos Focuser and rotator have to be seen as two devices, havn't it? If yes I suppose we have to use the same trick as FocusLynx's driver with two main objects on it.

@both: let me know what you think of my proposal.

Best regards and clear sky.


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Hi Jon.
Looks strange you're in dialout group and have to change the permission. I don't have enough knowledge to guess what could occur. No clue.

Related to the udev's folder, I had an issu within Ubuntu 16.10 and I've copied the rules files in /etc/udev/rules.d and then it works, but no idea why. I've don't find explanation about that.
Unfortunatelly I don't have other suggestion for you.



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You wrote both tty interfaces are in dialout group that correct but what about your user account?
Did you add your user account in the dialout group?
If I'm correct the command is :
sudo usermod -a -G dialout yourusername

For udev are you sure the serial number of your connected unit is "A501T0P9" ? That could be your issue.


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For the focuslnx driver I met similar issue. The difference with you is that the focuslynx hub could manager two focusers via one serial connection. Due to that the code is a while complicate for an Indi driver.
Anyway maybe you will find an idea for yours. In fact in the driver I created two focusers object. Each one implement it own getDefaultName () function. With that you have two focusers available in Ekos and lunch it via webmannager.
Please have look at code in indi code.


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Dear all.
I had a similar issue and was it solved to edit the rule in /etc/udev/ instead of /lib/udev. Unfortunately both exist in the system I don't know why but it was success for me.
Kind regards


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Thanks Gonzo to have shared this sad news. Have a though to his familly.


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Hi Jon.
Looks the unit mount correctly and with same link device on both computer . As from fresh install you have the issue let me ask you if you tried as 'root' user ?
Maybe you have to add to your used account to
The dialout group. I don't have PC with me to check the command syntax. Of 'addgrp' command. By users are not allowed ro access to tty ports.
Good luck