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Since some times, I've got problems with my robofocus.

So I made an all new install of my computer, now is running Kubuntu 15.10, and the last update of Kstars from the PPA.

It start, a night I try to make an autofocus ... and the xxx says focuser is moving on 1625 but when I take a look to the position of the focuser in indi, it's the last position that is display.

So I try to clic on 'disconnect' and when it's done, 'connect' ... the focusing restart ... capturing an image ... the try to move the focuser ... and wait ... (an other disconnection/reconnection)

that's why, I try to reinstall a computer, and make a stresstest on my focuser with an artificial star ... and the problem is always here.

It's like something don't wait enought to ask the position of the focuser ...

It don't know if it's an software or an hardware problem ...

If someone got an idea to make some test ...

for the moment, the only tests I make are :
- reinstall the computer
- exchange the USB-Serial adaptator

but the problem is still here.

Last point, the focuser work some time (after powering), my next test, is make some test after a 'cold boot' and after a 'warm boot' (sorry for that term)

I hope you understand my problem

thank's a lot