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Hey Indi-Community

Is it already possible to control two cameras at once?

In the current project, I would need to control a Starlight Xpress and a Canon DSLR simultaneously.
In fact, both should have the same exposure duration and would ideally start exposing synchronously.
If possible I would like to have a checkbox so the DSLR camera operates like a slave of the starlight and exposes as the other does.

If it doesn't exist yet:
How could it be implemented and where would I start?

Thanks a lot!



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I got it running via Wifi! Thank you.
If the Ubuntu PC is connected to the subnet via ethernet, I cant connect from the local net but Wifi is workin. Very strange... ?!


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Ok, so we have a Local Net that I am connected to with my laptop and a subnet with the Indiserver running on an Ubuntu PC and the Devices connected to it.
In order to be able to communicate with the Server I need some kind of Port forwarding, right?
So do I need DCP or TCP do get it running?

Thank you so much!
Clear skies!



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Hi Indi-Community,

I have two questions concerning the indiserver and indiweb.
-> If the Indi-server is running (on an ubuntu 16.04) in a subnet, what do I have to do with which ports to be able to connect from a mac laptop (in the supernet) to my devices connected to the ubuntu machine? Do I only need to do something with the default Port 7624? But what?
-> And to get the indi-web running, what exactly is needed? On which machine do I need to download what to be able to access the indiserver from the mac in the higher net?

Thank you so much!

Clear skies!


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Dear Indi-Community,
Dear Jasem aka knro,

I have been at a Telescope-Meeting and Astrophotography-Course in Falera (Switzerland). link:
We had superb weather conditions and took some great pictures.
During the lectures concerning the astrophotography workflow, they used about 15 different programs to control one imaging train. I can imagine, that it is not very pleasing and attractive for beginners to learn every program. In addition to that, most of them cost some money.
So I asked them if they knew the program Kstars & Ekos. I was very surprised, that nobody knew about it, so I showed them the features it has. They really liked it and most of them said, that they are going to test it.
I also showed them the well-done tutorials on the indilib webpage. A few of them were wondering if the program (and the tutorials) is available in German.
I wasn't sure and quickly looked it up but didn't really find an answer to it.

(@knro) If there is no german language, I would like to know if it is possible to create a language package for Ekos/Kstars?!

I am doing some (half automated) sequence astrophotography with Ekos as my matriculation (final) project of high-school. (It is called "Maturaarbeit" in Switzerland)
Additional to that I plan to translate/write a small handbook for Ekos in german with an explanation to every device we have in the observatory of our school, so interested students have less struggle to start with astrophotography. :-)

So my question is if I can contribute to this Open-Source project Kstars by translating the GUI to german.

It would mean very much to me and I guess Indi could be spread into more parts of the world like that, which it absolutely deserves.

Thank you!


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Dear Indi-Community,

As my final project in school, I want to upgrade the Observatory of our school. We will soon get a new mount for the main telescope "Meade LX 200 14inch". The new mount is a "Herkules V24" from "AOKswiss" (link: ) I figured that there is no Indi-Driver for that new mount selectable in Ekos/Indi, how can I create one (?) or can I used another one?

One of my goals is, to set up an Indiserver in the observatory to be able to remote control it from anywhere with internet. Because the dome is not motorized yet, someone would still need to open the dome manually but then be able to control it from a warm place.

I have got two questions concerning that:

  • I found plenty of instructions on how to do it with a raspberry pi, but I want to use the available mini PC running Linux. What do I have to install there to get it running?

  • How can I assure, that this system is as secure as possible and only users with permission can access the server with a password and control the telescope, camera, etc. from any IP (not only local)?

After that is done I want to "Robotise" ;-) the observatory to take automated Images of Deep sky objects, but one after another...

I am a "newbie" to astronomy so those pieces of advice mean very much to me.
Thank you so much for the help.

Friendly greetings,


Trying to upgrade our oservatory...