Hi all,

on a odroid, fresh update on nightly build :
odroid@NAFABox:~$ indiserver -vv indi_eqmod_telescope
2020-03-31T15:45:12: startup: indiserver -vv indi_eqmod_telescope
2020-03-31T15:45:12: Driver indi_eqmod_telescope: pid=4359 rfd=3 wfd=6 efd=7
2020-03-31T15:45:12: listening to port 7624 on fd 4
2020-03-31T15:45:12: Driver indi_eqmod_telescope: sending <getProperties version='1.7'/>

2020-03-31T15:45:12: Driver indi_eqmod_telescope: indi_eqmod_telescope: symbol lookup error: indi_eqmod_telescope: undefined symbol: tty_set_skywatcher_udp_format
2020-03-31T15:45:12: Driver indi_eqmod_telescope: stderr EOF

I've tried it on my laptop too (amd64) it crashes too.

Any idea ?


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Hi guys... can't point a planet.
-> select a planet in kstars
-> riht click -> eqmount -> track
-> in ekos : do a resolution (works well...)

no planets...
I've checked : date, position on earth...

any clue ??


Thanks a lot, changing baud rates did the trick !!!


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If you are looking for a good photo here... you will be disapointed...
Here is the only picture I shoot of comet...

But I make spectrum... So here is comet C/2018 Y1 Iwamoto spectrum :

Fully linux made : EKOS for acquisition, PHD2 for autoguiding and SPCAUDACE for treatment


I have some issue I think related... (or not ;) )
My emodmod mount (NEQ5) works well alone
My focuser "arduino" works well alone

Together, ( I have done some symlinks with udev too) -> it's a mess... sometimes it's working, sometimes not...

For the moment, it's connected to a raspberry pi3. I will try to a PC... in order to know if it's a "linux" issue (kernel/usb stack) or a raspi Usb HW issue...


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Hi all !!

I wonder if there is a way to add "tags" with data tables ?

I'm doing spectrometry, so I choose some targets from a file (target to study or reference target).

Is there a way to add in a script 100-1000 objets to kstars ? In order to let them appear on kstars's sky ? (a little red dot for exemple)



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Hi guys,

I'm wondering if everybody on my network can takes control on indiwebmanager ans for example killed it.

Is there a way to give a password to indiwebmanager ? Is this planned?




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Atik drivers fromage .deb from cloudmakers on a rpi3.

Titan IS on a hub


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Hi guys, a little word to thanks all of you. All those who are in light making Kstars/ekos/indi and other more and more robust, more and more accurate. Those who are not in light but use, test, crash, experiment.

Tonight, just before clouds come for a least 5 days, this setup take a mag 10 star spectrum : (emphasis on Indi drived things)
NEQ5 with eqmod driver
Alpy spectrograph with SPOX module (commands for flat/calibration lamps)
Atik 420m
Atik Titan (don't know what happen with it... it works... so well... 4 years I'm waiting that)
Arduino/moonlite focuser

You will find a 600 seconds spectrum. Autoguiding (internal) is really smooth... This has to be kept on a 17 ┬Ám slit... and not move. I think we can improve algorithm and say : when target disapear : do nothing...not sure is the case now)

So... all is working very well... and all blocking point I've had last years are disappeared :
-> titan stability
-> setup with 2 atiks
-> autoguiding (internal and phd2)

There's only one thing I have to improve : astrometry on local... I don't like the idea to depend on this internet service.

THANKS guys !!

Long life to stellarmate/all theses little Indi based things