Kaczorek wrote: Could you share the solution?

Having taken advice the first thing I did was to remove all the USB cables from my Startech 7 Port powered USB 3.0 hub. I then ran 'lsub' with just the powered hub connected to the USB3.0 port on my my PI4 and I got the below :-

I then connected My Zwo ASI 1600MM to the powered hub and again ran 'Lsusb' and got the below:-

So when the camera was attached my RPI appeared to be picking up the device as ( Bus 001 Device 003: ID 04b4:6572 Cypress SemiConductor Corp.

I was however aware from research on the web and in particular this thread on the indi forum:- indilib.org/forum/ccds-dslrs/4627-indi-s...ol-indi-asi-ccd.html that the correct vendor ID should be 03c3:1601 and not 04b4:6572. So the camera was not connected.

I then took further advice from 'Terry' on SGL who advised me to connect my camera directly to the USB3.0 port on the PI4 and run 'lsub' to see if the camera is correctly identified. I did this and got the below:-

It can be seen that the first line showed the correct vendor ID for the Zwo ASI 1600MM camera (03c3:1601)