Mattia created a new topic ' AstroArch 1.8 released' in the forum. 3 days ago

Hi all, after weeks of hard testing, 1.8 is finally out. There are some minor but also major changes, have a look at the changelog here

You must flash the new image to have it working, you cannot update from 1.7

I'd like to thank (in alphabetical order) Matteo, Serino and Stephan. Without you, this release would have not been possible B)

Enjoy and as always, clear skies to everyone!


Mattia created a new topic ' 1.8 release postponed to 2024-02-26' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Hey all,

thanks to you all who tested this 1.8 release, it was almost ready but we found out an issue (mostly present some PCs) where the hotspot cannot be authenticated. The fix just came in but I am leaving in few hours for holidays so I won't be able to ship it before my return.

Thanks for understanding and see you soon!


A 404 may also mean the pacman cache wants to pull a package which is not hosted anymore (newer version released) use -Sy or - Syu instead of -S only


Mattia created a new topic ' AstroArch 1.8-rc1 link to download' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

hey all, I just packed the release candidate 1, you can find it here =>

please have a go with it and report back any issue, I plan to cut the 1.8 stable on Fridat 16.02.2024 at 9AM UTC if no reports will be made back

Take care,


thanks guys!

I decided to add both images and the wallpaper will be a slideshow so it will rotate your pics every X minutes!