The other day I did a a fresh install of Astroberry. I set up all my devices like I normally would do. Bresser Mount w/ Eqmod controller, Canon 20d, ASI120MC guide cam. Once that was done started the indi web server and connected a remote pc with Kstars. Everything was working well until I started to do the polar alignment tool. Kstars would crash and shutdown. I found that a setting in the Indi profile for the canon was set the large JPEG file format. Once I change this to RAW format everything work well. I never had to change this before but looks like this is change every time I make a connection to the camera. I have tried to save the setting to raw on the camera but it will change back to JPEG once the Indi makes it's connection. If there is something I can do to change this or is this the new procedure when I connect to the camera.