I might try, as you suggest, with a guide scope-125 mm f/l. Still it’s strange that it would solve in exactly the same position in one tab and not in the PAA tab.

Some setting I am forgetting maybe?


Yes exactly my problem…it plate solves when I ask it to capture and plate solve. Without moving the scope ( except it is tracking) I immediately go to the PAA tab…and it fails to plate solve repeatedly.

I haven’t tried with the guide scope. My main scope F/l is 254

Ps I am in the Southern Hemisphere so no Polaris but have not in the past had trouble with SharpCap or Polemaster



I am new to the Indi ecosystem

I was able to get out under a clear sky last night for the first time but couldn’t get polar alignment to work

I set up; connected all equipment; turned on tracking; too a phot ( Canon DSLR) and plate solved successfully;

However when I then attempted to use the polar alignment routine,- with all settings the same- it failed to plate solve even the first image and eventually aborted

Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted, thanks in advance


There is another thread on the Stellarmate app…check it out.

You may be better off with a laptop, it appears far more stable




Your settings look pretty much identical to mine, ( from memory- I will double check next time I fire her up)

However while I have no problem in setting exposure times- only tried 5 , 10, seconds and a sequence of 2 or 3 - using KStars/EKOS on a laptop- I can’t seem to set exposure time in the app- both in iOS and in Android.

Also while I get a message saying image saved to my device I can’t see it in gallery ( in the app)

I can see the images on a laptop.

Not sure why, I am going to email Jaseem right now asking for his advice

Will post pr ogress, either here or my original thread



I don’t have much to offer you in terms of videos or guides - I am still to work it out myself…but you may find a topic I started some time ago of relevance



Just as an update, I had previously reported trouble with my Canon 550 D not connecting reliably.

I updated the Canon firmware - and also reflashed Stellarmate on a new sd card - so I am not sure what resolved the issue but I was able to connect to all three devices in EkoS on a laptop and using the Stellarmate app on an android tablet. Experiencing crashes with my iPad.

Making - slow! - progress!


I finally got around to testing - and while I haven’t been out under stars I can confirm that the mount [Star Adventurer] can be connected via usb and controlled - slewed in RA - using StellarMate

Am long way from plate solving, syncing and slewing to a target ( in RA with manual adjustments in Dec) but I certainly think it is very promising



I haven’t tried it yet but I was reliably advised by a guy on cloudy nights that it is possible to “ GOTO” in RA and then use the Dec adjustment to reach targets

It was most definitely for the Staradventurer though

Haven’t tried it-blame terrible weather here thanks to La Niña but very hopeful it will work.


Hi Stanley

Thanks for your response

To be honest I am still struggling- more with being able to use the Stellarmate app

However I have thanks to posts on Cloudy Nights and elsewhere found;

Option 1
ST4 cable from guide cam to Star Adventurer

Guide cam usb to Pi4 usb

Imaging camera usb to Pi4 usb

Equipment Profile

Select Staradventurer

Select guide cam- in my case ZWOASI 120 MC

Select CCD- in my case Canon DSLR

SA set to “star”

I have no issue connecting to the Stellarmate hot spot on a laptop using EKOS

( still having issues on the iPad app)

Option 2 - this I think I prefer

NO ST4 cable

Usb from SA to RASPBERRY Pi 4( provides both power and transfers data)

Guide cam usb to Pi4 usb ( as before)

Imaging camera usb to Pi4 usb ( as before)

Equipment Profile

Select Staradventurer 2 Pro USB

Select guide cam- in my case ZWOASI 120 MC

Select CCD- in my case Canon DSLR

I am still having trouble connecting my 550D - but the Mount and guide cam connect without a problem

Still on the journey but making progress!!!


Thanks Jasem

I have added a link and updated my signature with the equipment I want to use with Stellarmate as well:

Borg ED45
Star adventurer pro 2i
Canon 550 D- Primary Camera
ZWO 120 MC- Guide camera



Hello all

I have just bought the StellarMate, with the intention of using it with my Star Adventurer.

I have seen a previous thread that the way to connect is to leave the mount blank and only connect to the guide scope. However this thread dates back to 2019 and I note that Staradventurer can be now chosen in the drop down list of mounts. Has this changed anything?

Should the Tablet on which the Stellarmate app is running be connected to the Stellarmate hot spot or should the tablet and the Stellarmate both be connected to the Staradventurer wifi?

Thanks in advance for any guidance