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Meridian flip not happening

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Replied by Joaquin on topic Meridian flip not happening

I got my meridian flip yesterday.
It took all the day and many tries, and to consider a lot of parameters I though were involved (most of them with incomplete understanding from my part or not clearly defined)

A major unfriendliness I found was to have to mentally translate hours (in decimal format) to minutes and angles to compare values in different places each with different format. This does not help. Please keep HA on the flip control and mount limits in the hh:mm format, or just use minutes (instead of hours) which is the magnitude of the values I suppose are used to estimate/set flip point and HA limits.

Time and location are critical because they define the position of the meridian and the actual angle of the telescope when pointing to a star. I always has been puzzled by the parameters of my AVX asking for local time, time zone, if time is standard or DST... and wonder if the time calculated from what I entered is in sync with that used in the computer and KStars. I am not and expert but it would not be enough just to enter UTC time and location to calculate everything needed?

At the end I managed to set everything in order the flip to work. It did it reproducibly 3 or 4 times (using a profile with simulators, a GPS auxiliary driver and the AVX mount driver.

My impression is that there is room to make this process much more user-friendly
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I finally was able to test the meridian flip behavior with my HEQ5-Pro mount. I set it to 10 degrees (40 minutes) after culmination (i.e. Flip if HA > 10 degrees) and it started immediately and finished successfully. Ekos then continued imaging where it left off right before the meridian flip. I was imaging in Ha and Ekos changed to L for the post-flip alignment. Then it switched back to Ha and continued imaging. This was all with the latest stable release of KStars on Ubuntu 20,04 on an RPi 4 with 4 Gb of memory.
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Replied by Vin on topic Meridian flip not happening


Thought I would just close this out.  I finally got my pier installed, and then cleared the mount model and now that it is in permanent position, recalibrated it.  It seems to be working now :) Flips are happening when they should.  Will report back if any problems, but hopefully fingers crossed!


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