some weeks ago I've installed Stellarmate 1.4.0 onto my RPi. Yesterday I've noted that 1.4.1 (or 1.4.2) should be available. Therefore I've started both, the graphical and command-line update.
But even though the update went well, the Stellarmate release number shown in the Stellarmate Tools application still sticks with 1.4.0.

Is this not the official way to update the software?

- Ralf


How did you manage an connect to your device? I’m using a Stellarmate OS based device and failed to login. The app requires me to register, but I do not know the serial #.


As a new user of StellarMate OS I have to ask, because it's unclear to me on how I may Update to the 1.4 Release...

My Product -> Orders shows just one item: SM-101.

StellarMate OS
Download Info:
Number downloaded: 1
Download Limit: 10
Download Ends: Unlimited

There is no 2nd download link or something alike to select the new release. It's just the same link to the release, I've already downloaded.

Are I'me expected o redownload that very same "file" and is the new version available at that URL?

I'm puzzled


Uups. Now i found it...
For some reason I've missed that driver the first time i looked around. Then I spent hours to get an idea how to "model" the filters manually.

Thank you.


How do I create and use a "manual Filter" setting in Ekos' capture module. While switching Filters is a manual process, it would be nice to have filter settings stored in the Capture plan, filenames, and the FITS file.

Which options do exist?


I do know, that Stellarium does not support INDI out-of-the box.
But Stellarium supports a TCP/IP based "telescope_server" protocol. Which is quite easy. Therefore I think about implementing a small client application that speaks the telescope server protocol on one side and acts like an indi client on the other side.

I don't think, this would be an inappropriate approach.



just a few days before I discovered Indilib and tried to get an idea on how it works. I'm quite impressed and this systems seems to be the proper solution for our observatory.

At the moment, i have two questions:

  • Is there already a Stellarium remote "telescope_server" Implementation, that can talk to "indisever" ?
  • Is terre an official GIT Source Code Repository in Github or Bitbucket for INIDLIB?

If there is currently not interfacing software for Stellarium, i'l try to implement a solution on my own.