I was able to use it in the previous version, but when I control UVC capture with INDI webcam driver, Plate solving is not possible. (It always stops with a capture error 3 times.)I took a log, so please check it.


Thank you for your wonderful work.

Also consider adding this feature to Ekos.

Many users have been waiting for it.


I'm already using CCDCiel, but it doesn't support image rotation. ..

Ekos' live stacking support is a feature that has been on the request list for some time and is expected.


It seems that SharpCap's live stacking can be used by using the virtual driver of OBSStudio. (Can be used with KStars for Windows.)

I have posted the details on my blog.


If you are interested, please check using the translation engine.
(I want Ekos to implement live stacking as soon as possible.)


By the way, CCD Ciel is the following procedure.

1. Enter the IP address of the remote server to connect to → Connect
2. Display the list of drivers running on the remote server → select

The correct rule.
With this style, you can connect with a custom driver on the remote server without any problems.


 As I have requested in the forum before, there is a contradiction in how to start the Ekos driver.

With this update, if the remote server has a custom driver, it can no longer be started. (This is because Ekos owns and displays the XML file that should be received from the server.)

It may also crash when launching the driver in INDI Web Manager.
(My blog has a current solution.)


How to boot the driver in Ekos has long been the cause of the problem.

How to always start the server and send all the xml files of the drivers owned by the server to the client (previous suggestion).
Alternatively, I hope to change to a method that sets driver startup and driver connection separately.


Thank you for your wonderful work.

If you have an altazimuth mount simulation driver, you can use Solver to support the introduction of the Dobsonian telescope.

Please consider adding it.



Radek Kaczorek is friends with T-Studio

This driver is often buggy.

There was a bug in this update as well, but I was able to work around it by following the steps on the blog.

There are two points.

1. Do not connect automatically (set without connecting to the device)

2. In the driver control panel, delete only the setting name part and set. (Enter the aperture and focal length.)

The operation of the purge button → default button explained in the blog is also performed without connecting to the device.



I've put together a workaround for the bug on my blog.

Please convert it with a translation engine and check it.


Yes, I understand that you are a user.

I have been using INDI for 4 years.

The evolution in the meantime was amazing.

However, I also feel that there are improvements due to repeated updates.

I have a lot of information and distributions about INDI on my blog.

The blog also mentions notes about INDI, so please have a look if you have time.




Thank you for your reply.
Indi is a very nice environment, but I would like you to consider the compatibility of the initial setting file when reviewing the driver setting items and updating.
Even though the function does not change, items related to parks and domes are added to the driver and it does not work, or the initial settings are not read and problems often occur.