This driver is often buggy.

There was a bug in this update as well, but I was able to work around it by following the steps on the blog.

There are two points.

1. Do not connect automatically (set without connecting to the device)

2. In the driver control panel, delete only the setting name part and set. (Enter the aperture and focal length.)

The operation of the purge button → default button explained in the blog is also performed without connecting to the device.


I've put together a workaround for the bug on my blog.

Please convert it with a translation engine and check it.


Yes, I understand that you are a user.

I have been using INDI for 4 years.

The evolution in the meantime was amazing.

However, I also feel that there are improvements due to repeated updates.

I have a lot of information and distributions about INDI on my blog.

The blog also mentions notes about INDI, so please have a look if you have time.


Thank you for your reply.
Indi is a very nice environment, but I would like you to consider the compatibility of the initial setting file when reviewing the driver setting items and updating.
Even though the function does not change, items related to parks and domes are added to the driver and it does not work, or the initial settings are not read and problems often occur.


The driver for NanoPiM4 (Armbian: Arm64, Bionic) has been updated, so I expected it and updated it.

KStars crashes when I connect the driver. The system is also malfunctioning and requires a reboot.

It was a disappointing result.
Attach the log.


After changing the source, it seems that the apt update is not available. ....

I am looking forward to an early update of the driver. (Not updated yet)


Takito Nagai replied to the topic 'Joystick' in the forum. 3 months ago

The joystick can only be used on server-side machines.

I think it would be convenient if the joystick could be used with the Ekos mount controller....


I posted a request long ago.

Ekos category that do not save images (preview, focus processing, PlateSolving, etc.), it is more comfortable to switch to the process of cropping frames in stream mode (the image displayed in live video in Ekos).
It would be even better if an option was added to easily change the pixel size of the streaming.


I think it's wonderful.

It would be better if the focus could be operated in the same way.


Thank you for information.

I think that many of the causes of troubles, including this driver, are due to insufficient implementation and initial settings of the park function.

I feel that this mount does not require the Park function.


On the NanoPi M4 ARM64 system, KStars crashes when I connect the mount driver. .. .. .. .. ..

I have returned to the previous trouble environment. .. ..


After several tests, I found that I had the following problems.

1. The ParkOff button on the mount controller is not functioning.

2. The default value of the mount is no longer North Pole.

If I click ParkOff multiple times in the control panel of the mount driver and Sync the incorrect mount position with the North Pole, I can use it, but even after saving the driver settings, if I reconnect the driver, I cannot use it without repeating the above steps.

This is obviously a bug, so please fix it!


After the update, it stopped working on both the ARM64 NanoPiM4 and the RaspberryPi4 (32-bit Raspbian) as well.

After starting the driver, the mount is displayed in a location other than the default North Pole.

The mount controller does not work with Slew after the Park is released.

Error messages include
[WARNING] Dome Policy set to: Dome locks. This prevents the mount from unparking when dome is parked.
is always displayed.

The log file is attached for your review.


Takito Nagai replied to the topic 'Support for UVC capture module' in the forum. 6 months ago

I have been using it in INDI even before the ASCOM driver of SkyWatcher came out.

There is a problem with the Park feature and the recently added "Dome Park lock", but you can use it if you avoid it.
Immediately after canceling the Park function, press the stop button on the mount controller to stop it before using it. (Bug that doesn't heal)