gregoberfield wrote: Should update to specify that with the new bootloader you can avoid using a microSD card entirely and boot and run off the external M.2 drive. I've got it working right now. One less failure point and allows you to do everything off the SSD.

Additionally, you can always keep an updated microSD card around in case of disk failure - but SSDs are pretty robust.

It's as simple as just blowing the Stellarmate image onto the SSD and then plugging it into the USB3 port on your Pi (I'm using a Pi4 for this). If your bootloader is post Sept 2020 and you have no microsd card in it'll boot directly off the SSD.


I thought it might be helpful to share my experience of this, it was not quite this simple.
Using a Pi4 8Gb, updating the boot loader (see ) was simple, but the result was not an 'automatic' change to being able to boot from USB.
I needed to edit the boot loader config (see ) which seemed to be simple, but the changes I made did not ever seem to be applied when I rebooted.
It turns out that despite the linked EEPROM page saying otherwise, I had to remove (actually I just renamed) the existing bootcode.bin file before I could successfully apply any changed to the boot loader config. It is still a pretty simple change overall, but the information provided seems a little misleading.


Yes, I have this too. On a 8gb pi 4, the 1.5.4 image works but running the update leads to no interface. I can still shh onto the pi, although this is not so helpful out in the field.


Justin created a new topic ' Focus module - Max travel' in the forum. 5 years ago


I don't know if this is a bug, or just me not understanding how this works - but I'm having some issues with the Max travel value.
The documentation I can find all seems to agree that this is the maximum 'distance' of travel permitted before the auto-focus process will abort. Except, this does't seem to be the only function.
The biggest value I can enter is 100000, and on my scope (SW80 with Sesto Senso focus motor), starting at position 0 being fully retracted, 100000 doesn't get me to the focus point. Whilst this isn't a huge problem (because I can arbitrarily set position 0 to be anywhere I like and so focus is within range) it is annoying. This isn't only during an autofocus cycle, I am usually trying to move from 0 to ~170000 (yes, I know, but my scope flightcase isn't big enough to leave it focused during storage).
I've tried moving to 100000 and then moving again, but this doesn't seem possible.

So am I missing something here, or is this how it is intended to work?