Cool. I have no idea about running it with the RPI. Perhaps my below notes can help you to turn on the diagnostic reporting on the different (2?) levels of Kstars and indilib perhaps there are more?
Do you get things working well without the RPI? Simplify first if not and then build up?


=== Settings
* DB ~/Library/Application Support/kstars/userdb.sqlite
* Ekos ~/.indi
* KStars preferences file ~/Library/Preferences/kstarsrc
=== Logs
* Indi using utc time stamps ~/.indi/logs/2021-01-08/indi_sony_ccd/indi_sony_ccd_19/53/15.log
* KStars using local ts ~/Library/Application\ Support/kstars/logs
=== Drivers
* Indi /Applications/
=== Data
* KStars Data Directory ~/Library/Application Support/kstars