I've not had a chance to test mine with the new release and am also a Stellarmate user for both my Pi's. I'd really like to get back to good it is with camera's like my 1600MC.

Please post back here if that's OK if there is some progress being made.

Thanks, Craig


Craig replied to the topic 'Stellarmate App Won't Authhenticate' in the forum. 2 years ago

I’ve never been able to use the SM app because of this happening, what was the fix in the end?


Has anyone tested whether 3.5.3 brings back the ability to show debayered images?

Or are we stuck with this on these newer camera’s with larger sensors even though devices like Pi’s have enough extra memory in theory to allow this feature to be used without crashing.


Very similar setup to me with VNC, PegasusAstro etc. I save onto a USB3 stick that’s connected directly to the Pi4.

I don’t think I’ve seen any comments from Jasem and others from the most recent crash dumps though.


Sorry to hear that.

A week or so I posted three more crash dumps that I had so I am hoping this helps with troubleshooting for the next version of EKOS.

These new camera’s are starting to see wider adoption now so I hope the awesome crew maintaining EKOS can finally nail this down.