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maxthebuilder wrote: I gave this a try. It worked - thank you very much for great instructions!
UI, however, is not very responsive...
I adjusted the heap to 512 - it became better but still sluggish.
I tried Astroberry which comes with Firecapture preinstalled - it's more responsive there. I wonder why...

You can make it much more responsive by adjusting the performance settings in FireCapture:

Try the different pre-sets and see how it affects responsiveness and pick one that suits you.


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Yes, for that reason I only use KStars/Ekos for Deep Sky Photography.
It works fantastic for that purpose.

But when I do planetary, I always use FireCapture.
It would be nice if the video recording feature of Ekos could integrate with FireCapture somehow.
Or if the issues with video recording could be fixed.

FireCapture is very resource demanding on a Raspberry Pi.